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Clothing Boutique


February 2013 is where it all began. 
I got up, walked out the door to my full time office job, Just like any other day. 
I decided that day it was time to chase my life long dreams in the fashion industry. As a child growing up it was all about playing dress up, and having an eye for fashion just came natural. I made a phone call to my mother on my lunch break letting her know I was headed to get all my paperwork for what was going to be named Rockin The Lace Boutique. She laughed and said "Paige, another one of your crazy ideas" It's storming really bad, you have no idea what you are doing" Needless to say she didn't realize I was serious. I wasn't going to back down from what I have always dreamed of doing. I started on a dime, saving every extra penny I could after paying bills. Started out with one clothes rack of clothing, working out of my parents extra room and doing local events in the area. I decided social media was the place to be so I opened a Facebook account, it wasn't long before I had 10,000 followers and my business grew rapidly very quickly. 6 months into it, I had reached 20,000 people. It's been 4 years since I opened this business out of my parents home, I continued working my full time job until this past June of 2017, when I knew it was time to spread my wings. I put my notice in so that I could focus on and put my all into the boutique. It got to be to much on me keeping up with 500 plus orders a week going out plus working a full time job. I didn't know what sleep was.  It is now November 2017 I have 40,000 followers on Facebook like page, 19,000 VIP group, and 30,000 on Instagram and my website is launched. Never would I ever imagined standing where I am today. If you have a dream chase after it, I am living proof that if you work your butt off you can do it. 
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